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Wojciech Majewski is one of the most outstanding Polish pianists. He is a virtuoso performing both jazz and classical music. In addition, he became known as an original composer. He comes from a family with rich musical traditions.

His father Henryk Majewski is one of the most important figures of Polish jazz.

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Wojciech Majewski’s latest recording collection of Scriabin is a reminder
that Maestro Majewski is probably Poland’s most important pianist.

As with his previous albums, Mr Majewski proves himself to be a poet of
the piano, whose technique goes wherever his sensitivity and imagination
take him.
Music connoisseurs should not miss this album.

Nigel Kennedy

about recording collection of Scriabin

… The amazing songs of Marek Grechuta found equally amazing transcriptions for the jazz quintet. Wojciech Majewski’s piano interpretations, as well as the superb composition of the ensemble, enchant with special aesthetics from the beginning to the end. Particulary, in spite of  movements of “avant-garde revolts” they strike with freshness … “

Czeslaw Niemen

about the album "Grechuta"

“Given that this is Wojtek’s debut as a leader, this start can be described as the Dragon’s Entrance …”

Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski

about the album "Grechuta"

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Nie było lata
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Wojciech Majewski Quintet

Wojciech Majewski gra Skriabina
Publishment year 2015
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Wojciech Majewski

Publishment year 2003

Wojciech Majewski Quintet

Publishment year 2001

Wojciech Majewski Quintet


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