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Wojciech Majewski is one of the most outstanding Polish pianists. He is a virtuoso performing both jazz and classical music. In addition, he became known as an interesting, original composer. He comes from a family with rich musical traditions. His father Henryk Majewski is one of the most important figures of Polish jazz.


Wojciech Majewski graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Music. F. Chopin in the piano class. In 2001, he released the first album he wrote, “Grechuta”, containing jazz interpretations of the Polish singer’s composition. The album was met with enthusiastic reception from the critics, the public, as well as the artistic milieu. The artist’s second album, titled “Zamyślenie”, was released in 2003. The album was dominated by the original compositions of the leader, the album received the As Empik 2003 bestselling award in the Polish Jazz category. The first two albums of the artist, as well as the third completely authorial position ‘Opowieść’ (2009) ), were noticed by the music industry, which was expressed by 5 nominations for the Fryderyk Award in the categories: jazz album of the year and jazz musician of the year.


In the fall of 2006, the bestseller book by Majewski was published by Znak, entitled “Marek Grechuta – Portrait of the artist”.


In 2008, the artist composed a “Suite for cello, piano and string orchestra”, performed jointly with Andrzej Bauer and the orchestra “Aukso” under the baton of Marek Mos. In 2014, the pianist took part in the “Jan Karski Year” with great success performing “Henryk Wars’s Piano Concerto” with the accompaniment of the Polish Radio Orchestra.


In 2015, the album “Wojciech Majewski plays Skryabin” was released. One of his first listeners was Nigel Kennedy, who in the text in the booklet called Majewski “the greatest Polish pianist of our time”. In 2016, the Sony Music label resumed the album “Grechuta” enriching the original material with additional recordings. The reedition coincided with the fifteenth anniversary of the release of the album. The publishing house has collected great press reviews and has been featured on Empik’s list of bestsellers.


In 2016, the pianist took part in the recording of the album “Tribute to Henryk Majewski”, which in 2017 received the Fryderyk award in the category of “jazz album of the year”.


In autumn 2017, the next album of the artist was released, “There was no summer“.


Majewski performed with many outstanding artists such as: Tomasz Szukalski, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Joe La Barbera, Henryk Miśkiewicz, Palle Danielsson, Andrzej Bauer, Stanisław Soyka, Ewa Bem, Wiesław Komasa and others. He made many radio, television and recordings. He has performed in Germany, Israel, USA, France, Russia and Italy. He has performed at prestigious festivals such as: Jazz Jamboree, Jazz nad Odrą, Singer’s Warsaw or Jazz Open in Stuttgart. The performance on the latter was released on the DVD – “Best of Jazz Open 1998”.


Wojciech Majewski also conducts pedagogical activity at the Jazz Department of the Union of Polish Jews in Warsaw. F. Chopin in Warsaw.

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Nie było lata
Publishment year 2017
Publishment year 2016

Wojciech Majewski Quintet

Wojciech Majewski gra Skriabina
Publishment year 2015
Publishment year 2009

Wojciech Majewski

Publishment year 2003

Wojciech Majewski Quintet

Publishment year 2001

Wojciech Majewski Quintet

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